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Hair contains millions of disulfide bonds. These bonds are what gives hair its structure, strength and stability. When disulfide bonds are broken, the result is damaged hair. Damage is caused in many ways including:

  • Colouring and bleaching

  • Perms and relaxers    

  • Environmental factors such as sunlight, UV exposure and cold weather

  • Brushing, pulling and tugging at the hair

  • Straightening irons, curling irons and hairdryer's 

OLAPLEX restores compromised and damaged hair by repairing from the inside out with OLAPLEX's patented single ingredient "Bis-Aminopropyl Digycol Dimaleate" 

OLAPLEX can be used on any hair type. It can be used either as a preventative or to repair hair.

OLAPLEX can be used as a stand alone treatment or can be mixed in with chemical treatments to disrupt damage. The only service OLAPLEX is not compatible with is the Keratin Treatment. 

OLAPLEX 1 + 2 are the foundation of the the OLAPLEX service.  


If the hair is very dry or compromised chemically prior to the Yuko Treatment one option is to use OLAPLEX as a stand alone treatment before the Yuko service. 

OLAPLEX can also be added directly in with the Yuko treatment as a buffer over more sensitised parts of the hair.


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